The Ten Ultimate Slots Tricks – Play and Win in 2020

Many may remember the days when gambling halls used tricks and manipulation to unleash their fortune in an illegal way. Fortunately, these times are past.

The slots in the online casinos are controlled by algorithms in which not even the random number generator can predict whether it is time for a profit or not. Manipulating gaming machines is virtually impossible due to the high security measures that online casinos use.

Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of winning with legal slot machine tricks, but to what extent they are really realized at the right time for you, still depends on your luck and chance.

In the following article, we’ll tell you what you should pay attention to when trying your luck at slot machines. We’ll show you how to avoid mistakes that might cost you your profit or stakes. Ultimately, a combination of strategies and tricks always brings you the greatest benefit. Some may sound too simple, but many are ignored. We recommend that you try everything to find the right strategies for increasing your slot machine winnings.

1. Familiarize yourself with how slot machines work!

Playing at slots should be fun for you. First, pick out the most exciting and exciting slot machine for you and study the combinations, free spins and bonus wins. In addition to the list of winning combinations, most slot machines also have a short game instructions, in which you can read all about bonus symbols, risk features and other winning combinations. The majority of slot machines are equipped with a risk button that allows you to continue winnings. You should know that the higher the profit you put in this mode, the higher the risk of losing it. It therefore makes sense not to use this risk button as often.

2. Play your favorite games in practice mode

At most casinos you can, often without signing up, test the slot machines with practice or play money in demo mode. You should definitely use this opportunity, which is also part of getting to know the slot machine. Try different strategies, set small amounts, increase wager on or after win. Try to develop unusual game tactics and try them on your favorite machine. This will give you a good sense of how and when to place your bets, to get to know the symbols and various features, and to be able to intuitively change your bets to get a higher payout on winnings.

3. Compare the payout ratios (RTP) of the slots

Each machine has a certain expected payout ratio called the Return To Player (RTP). In most online casinos you will find this percentage in the slots itself. The higher this value, the more promising the machines are.

So if, for example, a slot machine has a RTP of 97%, that means that you get € 97 back from € 100 you spend. On average! The RTP is by no means fixed value, it may well be that you take home with the use of 100 ¬ a proud profit of several thousand Dollars, but it may also be that your use is at some point used up, without you under the Make a profit at all.

4. Check the volatility of the slot machines

Volatility is the fluctuation of the profit distribution of slot machines. With low volatility, you will gain small profits over a period of time, but more often. With high volatility the amount is higher in the case of profit, but there can be longer rows without profit and you could lose your bet quickly.

For example, if you want to play for a long time with a small balance, then you should use a machine with low volatility, if you risk high profits on high risk, then offers a machine with high volatility. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself how many times you want to win or how high the winnings should be.

It also depends on what kind of player you are. If you are trying to make a fortune out of slot machines, you should bet on low-volatility slots to prolong your gameplay.

If your goal is more of the higher winnings, high-volatility slot machines will pay you higher payouts, but you’ll have to endure a number of non-profit rounds.

5. Use your casino bonus to play longer and increase your chances of winning

Most online casinos often offer you welcome offers as a new customer, including casino bonuses and / or free spins. Sometimes there is also a small amount or free spins without depositdonated immediately after registration. These offers are ideal for making even more spins on the slots and thus statistically increase your chance of winning. But you should read the bonus terms first, so that you do not experience a nasty surprise in retrospect. Both sales amount and any payout limit are important. Free spins and no deposit bonus money usually have a very high required turnover factor, while this is lower for deposit bonuses. In any case, these offers are an optimal way to play at the risk of the casino and to increase your chances at the slots game.

In addition, most online casinos will periodically email you a casino bonus or other promotions that will allow you to increase your balance and realize even more spins.

The trend is towards the mobile casino , the slots are designed so that you can usually access the casino site without downloading an app so you can play anytime, anywhere. Sometimes there is an extra bonus when logging in from a mobile device.

6. Limit your bets

Playing in the casino is still a matter of luck. Therefore, you should only use money whose loss you can easily get over. This simple principle is ignored or forgotten by many, and within a short time you are in a downward spiral of dependence on gambling.

Set a limit on the bets per month. If this is used up, you should under no circumstances continue to play to “catch up losses”. Keep strictly to your self-imposed limits, then you will have fun again next month, when you can put your new casino money.

If you feel that you have become addicted, you can lock yourself up at the casinos and visit a counseling center.

7. Finish your game when it’s the most beautiful

If you have a lucky streak and your brain is pouring out hormones of happiness, it is not unusual for you to want to continue your game to take full advantage of your streak of luck, or you’re making the winnings again, playing at higher risk – and in the end you’re going with a bad feeling and an empty bag from the place.

Therefore, stop when it is most beautiful. Plan your winnings for nice activities, get your winnings paid out. You can leave one part on your account to continue playing, and then continue your game at another.

8. Play progressive jackpot slots for higher odds

Progressive jackpot slots are an excellent way to make big profits. Even with small stakes you can crack the jackpot. The chance to win the jackpot increases with the time it accumulates and the number of players playing at this machine. In online casino you can not necessarily see how many players gamble on the jackpot slot, but you can read from the height of the jackpot, whether it has been distributed in recent times.

For some jackpot slots, you have to bet a minimum amount to get the chance to win the jackpot. Whether you place high or low amounts does not affect whether the jackpot is raised faster. But you can play longer with the minimum amounts and therefore have higher chances to crack the jackpot.

The jackpot slots often work centrally, in different casinos. Each part of the stakes is used to build the jackpot. If the jackpot is triggered, the casinos fill it up immediately up to a certain height.

Even progressive jackpots, which distribute several smaller profits, you should put on your games list, here it is also worthwhile to play with low stakes.

9. Watch the live tickers to see other players’ winnings

Many online casinos offer live casino tickers that show winnings on machines in real time. Here you can roughly estimate the extent to which the slot machine has already paid large sums. From time to time the running ads also indicate the bet, so you can put it in relation to the win.

Of course, due to the random number generators, you may not be sure if the slot machine continues to make a profit or not, but you can roughly estimate if you want to play on this slot.

10. Hot and cold slot machines

Many players in online casinos believe that there are “hot” and “cold” slot machines. Hot machines are those that are used for a long time, and have made little or no profit. “Cold” slots should be those who have paid high winnings and where the player thinks he only puts money in there without any chance of winning.

This is something you do not want to hear about and do not aim for your game. Because: the slot machines are programmed by IT professionals. RTP and random generator are equipped with software in which the events do not depend on the previous one. If you still feel that it could be like this, it’s totally random.

Conclusion – slot machine and tricks = guaranteed profit?

Due to the programming of the slot machines there is (fortunately) almost no possibility of manipulation.

The casino tricks that we gave you are absolutely legal and you should definitely pay attention to them. And: Stay away from scammers who want to sell you their “secret” tips. There is no evidence that any of these tips work, it’s just a way to sell you information for a lot of money, you get it for free.

If you stick to our slot machines, combined in the best way possible, you’ll have a statistically higher chance of winning as you make more spins through a prolonged gaming experience. If you follow these strategies, you can enjoy a great time at the online casino of your choice.

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