Poker Glossary: ​​Poker Terms Fully Explained

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Ante: The basic bet that all players have to put down at the poker table before the cards are dealt.

All-In: A bet consisting of all the remaining chips of a player.

Backdoor: You hit exactly the cards you need to complete your hand on Turn and River.

Bad Beat: A poker player who is actually in the lead loses unhappy on the flop, turn or river.

Big Blind: The bet the second player must place to the left of the dealer.

Blind: Players who are small or big blinds are to the left of the dealer button (small blind) or a seat further to the left (big blind).

Board: A player combines the cards on the hand with the community cards on the table to get the best hand.

Burn: The dealer places the top card in the deck before he starts handing out.

Button: The position of the dealer at the table.

Buy-In: The entry fee in a poker tournament.

Call: You just put that much money in the pot to stay in the game.

Check: You do not use anything.

Check-Raise: When it’s your turn, just check, but in the same round of betting, you’ll raise later.

Cold Call: You are going to have two raises in front of you at the same time.

Connector: In sequence, successive cards on the hand, for example, Cross-Five and Heart-Six.

Community Cards: The community cards lying open on the table

Cut Off: The position to the right of the dealer.

Dealer Button: The so-called button indicates who in the game is a dealer. It is passed clockwise after each hand.

Draw: You stay in the game and hope your hand improves.

Draw Out: The card that turns your losing hand into a winning hand.

Drawing Dead: You still get community cards, although you no longer have a chance to win.

Flop: The three community cards that are placed face-up after the first round of betting.

Flush: Five cards of the same color.

Fold: You give up by putting the cards downside down.

Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank.

Full House: One triplet and one pair in one hand.

Hand: Five cards the player puts together from the cards on the hand and the community cards.

Heads-Up: You play in a poker tournament only against another player.

Kicker: The kick card that matters when two players have the same hand otherwise.

Limit: When the amount of bets and raises is limited.

Limp: call, call.

Muck: The push with the cards thrown away.

No-Limit: A poker game in which the amount of bets is unlimited.

Nuts : The best possible poker hand.

Off Suit : A hand made up of poker cards of different colors.

Open-Ended:  A road that lacks a map at the bottom or top.

Out:  A card that significantly improves your hand.

Over-Cards:  The cards in your hand are higher than the community cards on the table.

Pair : Two cards of the same value.

Pocket Cards:  Cards that a player holds in his hand, so no community cards.

Pot Limit:  The amount of bets is limited by the current size of the pot.

Quads:  Four cards of the same rank.

Rainbow:  A flop where the cards have different colors.

Rake:  The casino’s house share raised by a poker hand.

River:  The last of the five community cards.

Raise : You spend more than you need to stay there.

Royal Flush : A straight flush containing an ace.

Semi-bluff:  A bluff with one hand, which can still develop into a winning hand.

Set:  When you make a treble with a pair on the hand.

Showdown:  After the last round of betting, show your hand.

Side Pot:  A second pot formed next to the main pot. This is for the players who are not yet all-in.

Sit ‘n’ Go:  A poker tournament that starts as soon as a predetermined number of players are ready.

Slow Play:  A player plays less aggressively and intends to keep the opponents in the hand.

Small Blind:  The place to the left of the dealer. The small blind is the smaller of the two prescribed bets.

Split Pot:  Two or more players have an equal hand and share the pot.

Straight : A hand consisting of five cards in ascending order. Not in the same color.

Straight Flush : A hand consisting of five cards in ascending order of the same suit.

Tilt:  A player loses several hands in a row and therefore plays badly.

Time:  A player asks for time to think about the next move.

Top Pair : You form a pair with the highest community card on the table.

Trips:  Four cards of the same rank.

Turn : The fourth community card, also called Fourth Street.

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