Get to know the best new casinos of the year!

Here on we are constantly introducing new casinos. We’re constantly updating our list of the best casinos with new info, bonus offers and reviews so you can make the best decision when it comes to finding the right casino.

Not only are we absolute experts in the casino industry, we are constantly looking for the hottest and newest online casinos. That’s why, after thoroughly testing all the new casinos, we can show you the list of the most recommendable new 2020 casinos. Find the latest casinos from 2020, exclusive casino bonuses and new casino games.

Check it out now and then, as we regularly update this list with top casino bonuses that almost cry out to be claimed.

New NJ Casinos

Last updated: 08 Aug 2020

888Casino Bonus

888 Bonus - Up to $2,000 Welcome Bonus

PokerStars Casino Bonus

Pokerstars Casino: 100% bonus up to $300 and up to 25 free spins

By what principle are the best 2020 casinos selected?

We are not just looking for any casinos together. All the casinos we present to you on CasinoBonus NJ have been rigorously tested and tested in various ways to make sure you are well informed as a player and need only make one decision: where to play!

Our team has extensively looked at the smallest details on the new pages, tested the advertised features themselves and made sure that the casinos meet all security standards, so that the fun is in the foreground. Then we evaluated our results and put together the list of the best new 2020 casinos.

Nowadays, it is essential that online casinos are completely secure, have a wide range of games to offer, a trusted customer service, and last but not least competitive bonuses.

The design and usability of the pages are just as important aspects. Nobody wants to play on pages that look old-fashioned or on which you drop your eyes out of sheer adulation and biting colors. As for the deals, casinos should be generous and reward regular players for their loyalty.

Pay special attention to new casinos where you can earn loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for rewards – including free spins, cash, no deposit bonuses and much more.

Loyalty programs now come in many different forms, as casinos of course try to stand out from the crowd. For example, some casinos allow you to earn points like in a video game with a progress bar or experience points and special currencies so you do not lose track.

Why should I try one of the new 2020 casinos?

There are many reasons to sign up for a new casino in 2020. Brand new casinos have thoroughly studied the older casinos on the market, building on their experience. As a player, you can only benefit from improved gaming experience.

Although established casinos do not enjoy a great reputation for no reason and have already proven themselves in the eyes of many players, many new casinos also have the courage to try new things and to throw the old models overboard. You never know how much better something new can be if you do not get involved in change from time to time.

Very often, new casinos offer better bonuses and provide players with new promotions on a regular basis. We’re not saying that older casinos do not do that, but with an established reputation, they no longer have to fight players as hard as the new casinos on the market – a competition that only benefits players.

Older casinos often find it difficult to adapt to new marketing trends or change their brand. Just as the shoemaker likes to stick to his last, many of these casinos are simply too cumbersome to invest in too many new things.

It means new at a casino not inexperienced. The people behind the newest casinos have often disconnected themselves from established casinos to go hunting for something new and have many years of experience in the casino industry. After so many years, they understand what a casino needs to be innovative and also empathize with the players’ situation.

So you can be sure that every casino wants to add something interesting to the casino industry to surprise players.

The latest technology for casinos in 2020

The best thing about new casinos is their courage to leave the established behind them so that they can offer their players something new. That’s why new casinos are becoming popular and talking to gamers.

Established casinos with years of experience are just as important to the industry, but for players who like to switch to the casino in their quest for novelty when it gets boring or they feel they are not rewarded enough for their loyalty We are always looking for the best deals: it should be worthwhile for you in terms of fun, user-friendliness and also on a financial level to visit a casino. Whether it’s a great new slot machine, a new feature like tournaments, a change of interface or a generous bonus with low wagering requirements, new casinos will be creative in 2020 when it comes to winning customers. Since you never know what to think of next, the creation of a new casino is always something very exciting.

Of course, players do not want to give up on reliability and are therefore dependent on a casino to prevail even in the long term in the market. For what good is it if a casino looks great, but difficult to use, or players complain about slow payouts?

Mobile Casinos in 2020

The new casinos offer an unprecedented level of innovation. A new casino with a fully functional mobile website in 2020 is a matter of course. Since most players enjoy their favorite game on the go, many casinos make their main task that games on all devices work properly, whether iPhone, Android device or Windows desktop.

No matter what you use, the 2020 casinos will work on your mobile device.

New mobile iPhone and iPad casinos in 2020

To play from anywhere on the go, you need a good smartphone and a reliable internet connection. That’s why Android and iOS devices that have prevailed in the market are the first choice for gamers.

Most online casino players own an iPhone or iPad to play their favorite games. Therefore, many casinos give these devices a slight advantage when it comes to establishing technical compatibility.

Mobile Android Casinos in 2020

For a while, the trend has been to offer a casino as an app, nowadays most casinos have their own mobile website instead. There are still enough casinos to promote their apps, but most of them can not compete with mobile websites, as apps are expensive to maintain.

New casinos now offer mobile websites that are compatible with all devices directly for launch. Since the competition between Apple and Android is great, casinos are very careful not to let Android users down.

New casino bonuses in 2020

Of course it’s all great, but what most of us really want is a big casino bonus. Some casinos offer bonuses specifically for mobile users that differ slightly from the normal formula, but in general, a good casino bonus should double or triple the deposit.

In addition to welcome bonuses, which increase the deposit paid by a certain percentage, many casinos also offer free spins or cashback as part of regular promotions to reward your continued loyalty.

For many players, a good new player welcome bonus is, of course, the deciding factor that leads to signing up for a casino, but you should not underestimate the value of regular loyalty promotions.

We do not list every new casino bonus of the year 2020 on CasinoBonus NJ. Instead, we ensure that casinos have been reviewed and approved by a reputable licensing agency to ensure your safety.

Which free spin offers can I expect in 2020?

If you want to try a new casino, many offer not only bonus money but also generous packages of bonus money and free spins, gladly over multiple deposits.

Many established casinos offer free spins for the same slot machines. Of course a lot of people like to play Starburst and are looking forward to free spins, but from the new 2020 casinos we expect a bit more variety and the courage to give even newer games a chance to prove themselves to players.

Are new casinos better in 2020?

Whether casinos in 2020 are generally better, you can not say flat rate, of course. However, we have found that new casinos offer fancier and more generous casino bonuses than established casinos. They not only offer the latest games and a constantly growing game catalog, but also gifted players with crazy bonuses of around 300%. Even lower sales conditions than usual are on offer and are of course welcome by players.

Especially if you are a high roller or like to take risks, many casinos offer you bonuses that can pay you off quickly.

The advantages of the new casinos in 2020 can be summarized as follows:

  • Exciting gaming experience: New casinos invest a lot of money in user-friendly interfaces so games do not crash on PC or mobile, and you lose a profit or you can not enjoy games in all their glory.
  • Huge game libraries: New casinos usually rely on diversity. This not only leads to a massive number of games, but also to great diversity. So you can get to know new game developers and find their games next to the old classics established providers. There is something for everyone!
  • More casino bonuses: New casinos want to bring a fresh wind into the online casino industry and set new standards in terms of bonuses. Expect bigger and better bonuses including free spins and lower wagering requirements. New casinos are trying their best to stand out from the crowd.
  • Better Customer Service: A new casino never becomes a great casino unless it does its best to keep its customers loyal. This requires the best customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many casinos can be reached either via email, live chat or by phone, but in English more and more often in NJ. Live chat is a fast way to reach someone in case of problems