Get to know the excitement of a live casino

With the advent of modern technology and the strong evolution of the gambling industry online, players can now decide for themselves whether to go to the casino or play from home at any time of the day.  It’s time for you to get the best Live Casino Bonus!

Online casinos are constantly investing in new ways to provide players with a casino experience that is as authentic as possible even from a mobile device. Although you have to make do without the waitresses who bring you drinks, you get exactly what most players are attracted to the casino: the ability to interact with other players around the table, chat, and follow every step of the dealer.

Playing in the live casino is a social experience that is as important to many as the opportunity to take home a win. That’s why tournaments are becoming increasingly popular.

In the live casino you get everything that you are used to from table games in real casinos. With the latest technology, you can follow the action in popular table games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette and poker in real time.

Choose one of the live casinos listed below and see for yourself.

Live Casinos 2020

Last updated: 08 Aug 2020

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What is a live casino?

A live casino is basically the interface between a real casino and an online casino. It’s not a place to play online slots, even though it’s a category on many casino websites that also offer slot machines.

At the live casino, a real croupier deals in blackjack cards, dices in craps, or turns the roulette wheel.

The dealer can not see you, but you can. Not only that, you can also talk to him and other players and interact with them, just as you do in the real casino.

Which games can I play in a live casino?

There are a lot of table games that you can easily find in the live casino. This includes well-known things like blackjack and roulette, of which there are also versions that are not played live. Nevertheless, you should definitely try out these games and those presented below live for the most authentic experience.

Live blackjack

Blackjack is not only popular in casinos around the world, it is also an integral part of live casinos. A big factor in the popularity of blackjack is the tension that inevitably comes with the decision between hit and stand.

You can find blackjack under warranty in any live casino, as it enjoys long-lasting popularity.

Live roulette

Although blackjack may be the most popular live casino game, roulette is just behind it. Roulette is not synonymous with movie and television synonymous with a luxurious casino experience. Everyone knows the image of a spinning roulette wheel, while players eagerly await the outcome.

In a real casino, players at the edge of the table wait for their chance to place a bet. In a live casino, you do not have to watch endless players and talk about the noisy casino. You are just waiting for your opportunity and talking as usual. You can also do something completely different, after all, you are at home.

Once you place a bet, you have a few seconds to choose the numbers you want to bet on. Players like to take birthdays, jersey numbers or anniversaries.

Once you have decided you just have to wait for the game to start. Like blackjack, roulette also offers different variants with different advantages and disadvantages. You can try all formats online.

Live baccarat

Slightly more obscure than blackjack and roulette is live baccarat, James Bond’s favorite game in Casino Royale. Baccarat is a lot of fun when you get the hang of it. Players often fall in love with the game so much that they are annoyed not to have tempted it.

If you are unfamiliar with baccarat, try different variations, like the previous ones. Which baccarat do you prefer? Punto Banco or rather the regular version?

Live Casino Hold’em

Gamblers who like casino games and poker alike, is Live Casino Hold’em is right choice. This live casino game combines the casino game with the table game and becomes an exciting experience.

If you’ve already played Texas Hold’em Poker, then you’ve already laid the foundation for your Hold’em online experience. Who has the best possible hand wins. This applies to the player as well as the dealer.

There is no need to bluff in this game. Even if you do not know all that much about online poker, you have a good chance at Hold’em. The game is fun without being too complicated. In addition, it offers plenty of opportunities in the live casino for interactions not only with players, but also with the dealer. This is ultimately the attraction of a live casino.

Live 3 Card Poker

It is also a very popular poker variant in the live casino. Unlike the previously mentioned live casino games, you need to have some prior knowledge for 3 Card Poker to maximize your chances of winning. Although luck always plays an important role in the casino, your chances in this game depend on clever tactical decisions.

Many live casinos offer 3 card poker, although it is only recommended for beginners.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Carribbean Stud Poker is the online variant of Five Card Stud Poker. As with all poker games, it depends on their hand and what you do with it to get the best possible result. Once you understand the principle, this poker variant is easy to play.

At the start of the game, you and the dealer receive both 5 cards. You can only see from the dealer the card that is on top. You then have to use this one card to decide if your hand is strong enough to beat the dealer’s hand. Believe that you can win, make a bet, if not, give up.

What makes live casinos so exciting?

In live casinos you get a good idea of ​​what it feels like to play in a real casino. You can do that without having to leave home. In addition, a live casino is always the best possible casino experience: real casinos can not adapt to your playing style and maybe you just do not keep much of your local alternative. Instead, you can simply choose a game from home, and most of all, the dealer will help you. The dealer is encouraged to chat with the players to maintain the real casino atmosphere.

Live casinos bring you as close to the dealer as real casinos. Sometimes you are even closer to the action because you do not have to gather in a cluster around the table. Through the webcam transmission, you always have the perfect overview. No matter if the dealer rolls the dice or turns the roulette wheel, you will not miss anything.

As live casino technology keeps getting better and better, such an experience is no longer limited to gaming on a desktop PC. Many casinos have live casinos that also work from the tablet or mobile phone. So you can play your favorite game in live casinos whenever and wherever you want.

How does betting in the live casino work?

Making a bet works in the live casino as well as in the normal casino. To be able to play in a live casino, you must register with such an online casino and make a deposit. As you know for sure, you should choose the casino well so that you have the widest range of live casino games possible. Any good casino should offer baccarat, roulette and poker, but the more variants, the more you can try.

Once you have found your game, select it or its variant and get to know your dealer.

Then you can start playing right away. Some games will have waiting lists. Just like in a real casino, you sometimes have to wait for your turn. You can also choose to play single or multiplayer. In singleplayer games only you and the dealer play, in multiplayer you compete against other players.

Why should I play in a live casino?

If you want to experience an authentic casino experience, a live casino is the best choice. You can interact both with the dealer and with other players, anonymously and without obligation.

You can also play without talking to anyone if you do not feel like it. You have the choice.

Live casinos are also becoming more and more popular because many players are not constantly urged by the operators to participate in a game or to order something. Sometimes you want to enjoy the atmosphere without drinking or letting yourself be tempted to bid.

Of course, playing at home also has the advantage that you do not have to drive to a casino or keep to opening hours. You can play when and where it suits you. If you need help, it works very easy and comfortable too: you have customer support at your fingertips, which is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions.  You also benefit from the regularly offered online casino bonus.