Online Bingo: How To Play Bingo

Each of these options has its advantages, but when you play online, you do not even have to pay attention to the numbers that are called out. Instead, the numbers are automatically marked when called, which means you do not have to look for numbers under stress and you will not miss any winnings. Learn more about the fascinating game Bingo in our article.

How do I register with an online bingo site?

If you want to play your favorite bingo game online, it’s easy. You just have to create an account and deposit money. Some bingo sites offer generous deposit bonuses , sometimes newbies even have up to seven days of free play.

In these seven days, you as a player have the opportunity to play free bingo and cash prizes. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with online bingo and to chat and interact with your fellow players. Most importantly, you do not risk money when playing free bingo.

If you’re ready for the real money game, then just pick an online bingo game from the wide range. The good news is that many online bingo sites have a large selection of bingo rooms in which a variety of variants with different prices, etc. are played. Some bingo rooms have relatively cheap bingo cards in the program. Others are a bit more expensive. The prices differ from one page to the next.

It is always advisable that you choose the Bingo Room that best suits your budget, your favorite variant and the bingo card prices.

Which different online bingo variants are there?

There are so many variants of bingo on the internet that we only discuss the best known here. Anyway, there are only very small differences between the variants.

30-ball bingo

Also known as Speedy Bingo, this variant is played with a total of 30 numbered balls. You can see quite quickly why the variant is so fix. It’s not that popular online, but when it’s available, you can be sure that players will fall in droves, as the rounds are very fast and provide plenty of action.

On the bingo cards for this variant, there are a total of 9 numbers on a square 3 × 3 grid. There is only one cash prize to get and you get the first player to successfully mark all numbers on his card.

75-ball bingo

The bingo cards in this game are made up of 5 rows and 5 columns. In this respect there are 25 boxes. The box in the middle is empty, the other 24 each have a number. At the top of her card is also written the word Bingo. Each letter of the word Bingo represents a certain range of numbers.

Thus the letter B covers the numbers between 1 and 15, the letter I the numbers between 16 and 35 etc.

To win a 75-ball bingo you need to mark a number of numbers. This can be done vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Since there are different variations of the game, it always makes sense to read the rules and conditions before starting.

80 ball bingo

This bingo variant was developed especially for online bingo sites and has been extremely successful since its introduction. The bingo cards in this game have 4 × 4 rows, which equals 16 numbers.

Just like the 75-Ball Bingo, the bingo cards are designed so that the individual rows have different number spectra. In the first row are only numbers between 1 and 20, in the second only numbers between 21 and 40, etc.

The patterns vary from game to game. However, the most common winning combinations are Vertical, Horizontal and Corners.

90-ball bingo

90-Ball Bingo is also a very popular bingo game that can be played on most online bingo sites in different variations. With more bingo balls in play, this bingo is a bit more complicated than the others as it is played over three rounds.

The bingo cards in this game contain 15 numbers, always 5 numbers each in 3 rows. In the first round, the player who successfully marks a horizontal line wins, in the second round the player who completes the two horizontal lines wins and the biggest prize goes to the player who first marked all the numbers on the map.

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