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Welcome to our Bonus Without Deposit page here at Casino Bonus NJ. We’ve found the best no deposit casino bonuses for you to take your online gaming experience to the next level and improve your payout rate. You will find all the information you need on No Deposit Bonus, no-deposit free spins, applicable wagering requirements, bonus offers and much more. Let’s start with the most important question of all:

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What is a no deposit casino bonus?

A no deposit casino bonus is also known under the English term no deposit bonus and is generally considered as bonus money. This bonus money has an actual value, but you can not easily withdraw it from the account upon receipt. It is very important that a no deposit bonus, in contrast to the deposit bonus, just does not require you to deposit, it is a free gift, so popular.

Even though a no deposit bonus is usually not very high, it compensates for it with a monetary amount, rather than a percentage on your deposit, just like normal deposit bonuses, such as: In the welcome pack. The wagering requirements, which are usually associated with a no deposit bonus, can be different and slightly higher than normal percent deposit bonuses.

A no deposit casino bonus needs to be implemented a few times before you can withdraw money. For example, if you want to use the bonus to try your luck on online slot machines, then you can rest assured knowing that you are rolling the reels for free. It is also important that you have the same chances to win when playing, as with casino bonus offers with deposit.

If you’re looking for an online casino that offers a no deposit casino bonus, then you do not have to go far, as we’ve put together an extensive list of the best no deposit bonus offers for you.

What are free spins without deposit?

No deposit free spins are simply free spins that are given to you without you having to make a deposit first. If the no deposit free spins are part of a welcome bonus, the only requirement is that you must sign up to the casino to use the free spins.

No-deposit free spins are often offered when, for example, a casino offers such a promotion bonus as part of the release of a new slot machine. In this way, you can get to know a new slot without having to spend real money. Of course, no-one will be deterred from making a deposit when the new slot has completely knocked him off his socks. It should also be said that there are attractive welcome offers especially for this occasion when you make your first deposit, where you can quickly play with the double bankroll.

Even existing customers of an online casino can get free spins, often called free spins, not just new players. Online casinos often offer their customers and new players the opportunity to play certain slot machines for free as part of promotions or special promotions. How many free spins you get depends on the casino. Free Spin is always a great opportunity to test the gameplay, payout, graphics, features, and other peculiarities of the slot for free.

Please keep in mind that free games are only valid on normal slot machines and not on progressive jackpot machines. Of course, a casino has no interest in having a player who has played free games take home a huge win and the casino has to dig deep into their pockets. Nonetheless, free spins are an excellent way to try a slot for free and have fun.

How do I find the right online casino for my bonus taste?

The Internet is populated by countless online casinos with no deposit bonus and new ones are added almost daily. And they are all hunting for new customers. No wonder then that the casinos just throw around with gifts and welcome offers. But you should be careful and not sign up for a dubious or even fraudulent casino. There, your data is not safe and you may as well be unlucky with your payouts. So how do you find the right online casino?

Casino Bonus NJ has a comprehensive online casino list. All our candidates are sure to have a license and a place to play with peace of mind. Here you receive payments quickly and securely and your data is protected by encryption. When registering, also make sure that the online casino has an imprint, which licenses it works with and read in any case the terms and conditions of the website.

In addition to security, when choosing the right online casino it is also important that it offers the games you are looking for. If you like table games, then it will be of little use to you if the casino offers hundreds of slots but only three table games. Again, our reviews help you to see at a glance which games are available in the listed online casinos. Other factors include customer service, payment methods and bonus offers, but in the end, as is often the case, it depends on your personal preference.

How to get your free starting credit at the casino

Here’s what we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get your no deposit casino bonus. Follow the simple steps below and start playing your favorite game with the bonus for free.

Step 1: You choose a casino from our list that offers a no deposit casino bonus and visit their website.
Step 2: If you have accessed an online casino through our links, register with your name, your personal details and a valid e-mail address.
Step 3: The casino will send you a confirmation e-mail or SMS shortly after registration with a link to confirm your registration.
Step 4: Once that’s done, you can log in to the online casino website using your user details and password.
Step 5: When you enter the lobby, you’ll find the no deposit casino bonus in the bonus credits section.

So you do not have to make a deposit to receive your bonus, it will be credited to you immediately after signing up, and usually automatically.

What data does an online casino need to open my account?

You already know how to create an account with an online casino and now want to know what data the casino collects from you. In most cases, your first name, surname, address, e-mail address and date of birth are sufficient for the casino to be sure that you are of legal age. In order to confirm your data, you usually need to send a copy of your ID card. If this is not required at registration, then at the latest when you request a payout. It’s best to read the privacy policy to learn what you need to specify. It is also important that these guidelines state that the company does not share information with third parties. If this information is missing, then look for another online casino – the Internet is finally full of it.

I’m looking for a bonus for slot machines, what do I have to do?

Almost every bonus for new players is a slot machine bonus, as only stakes in slots fully contribute to the wagering requirements. Table games are heavily devalued or not considered. Slots lovers are therefore clearly in the advantage in terms of bonus selection. The sales conditions must finally be met – before a disbursement of the bonus balance and the resulting profits is not possible. If you want to take advantage of bonuses for slot machines, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Often, the use can not be freely determined. In the case, there is a passage in the terms and conditions, which sets the maximum possible use, for example, $5. For a turn then no more than this amount may be used. The casino operators want to prevent players from using the free bonus credit for maximum bets. This approach would be quite tactical, since even small profits (small in relation to the mission) can be large. In the event of winning, the player would adjust the bets again until the payout conditions are met.
  • The payout amount can also be limited. Can be paid with a 100 € bonus about a maximum of ten times, can be a maximum of $1,000 withdraw. On the subject of withdrawals, a look into the terms and conditions is helpful anyway, as the payable per month amount can also be limited.
  • We have already talked a few words about the terms of sales above. The specifications must be met – no payout is possible in advance. In this context, synonymously often the word rollover is used. With a $20 bonus and a rollover of 20x you would have to use a total of € 400 at the slot machines. You can check the rollover progress in your profile at any time.

Conditions for a no deposit casino bonus

For a no deposit or no deposit bonus, there are two questions: Who can claim the bonus? And what needs to be done to pay off any winnings? The first question can be answered with a loud “Everyone”. Almost every. Understandably, it is not allowed to claim a No Deposit Bonus several times in a row. Not infrequently, the bonus is limited to one person per household; It is therefore not possible to use the personal details of grandparents, spouse and children of full age. These restrictions are largely self-evident and honest players will rarely come into conflict with these rules.

The second question – how to pay out winnings – is more difficult to answer. The no deposit bonus, like any welcome offer, is tied to a set of rules. Often there is talk of sales conditions. In the details, the conditions may differ, but sales conditions are almost never waived. Without defaults, the player could withdraw the bonus at any time – without risking or making a deposit. It is therefore understandable that the casino operators take precautions to make it difficult to pay. With no deposit casino bonus, sales goals are sometimes harder to meet – but that’s not always the case. Basically, four factors are crucial to be able to judge the sales conditions fairly:

  1. What are the turnover conditions? In Casino A, the bonus must be converted 30 times, in Casino B only 20 times. Assuming that the account of the player has $10 bonus credit, between $200 (Casino B) and 300 € (Casino A) turnover must be achieved. Every $1 stake equals $1 in sales.
  2. What needs to be implemented? In the bonus terms and conditions of the provider it is pointed out, if only the bonus credit or the bonus plus deposit has to be implemented. With the No Deposit Bonus this circumstance does not matter. Nevertheless, you should keep this info in mind, if you want to use a deposit bonus in the second step.
  3. How much time does the player have? The online casinos give their players different amounts of time to fulfill the rollover conditions. In Casino A, for example, the bonus user only has 7 days, and in Casino B 30 days.
  4. How much do your favorite games contribute to sales? Slot machines usually account for 100% of the bet. In exceptional cases, the turnover can be slightly limited and some machines are not scored at all. Table games are often at 10 to 20%, sometimes they do not count at all.

The payout limit on the casino bonus without deposit

Unlike casino bonuses that you receive through a deposit, a no deposit casino bonus is usually tied to a specific payout limit. This means that if you win at a game, the amount of the payout may be limited. Of course, if a casino gives you a no deposit bonus, it’s not interested in clearing jackpots or generating extra big winnings that the casino has to pay. The no deposit casino bonus is designed to help you get to know the casino and its games.

With many bonus offers without deposit there is therefore a maximum payout limit that you as a profit – if you were successful in the game – can pay off. This amount is usually between 50 and $100. Sometimes this payout limit is also higher or just as high as the No Deposit Bonus. Winnings that exceed the payout limit will be deducted to the limit and paid out of your account once all bonus terms have been met.

Please note that for no deposit bonuses, you may not only have to meet wagering requirements before you can withdraw money, but you must also make a real money deposit with a minimum amount.

How do I use a no deposit bonus?

The no-deposit casino bonus is usually automatic. You log in and go through the registration process – and after your first login, the bonus is immediately ready. Occasionally, the bonus may need to be activated, either in your profile or by entering a code. Rarely it is necessary to send an email to the provider or to contact the support. The bonus itself is usually free games, but sometimes the casino grants a real money bonus.

The free spins are usually tied to a specific machine, sometimes the provider but also several games of a developer to choose from. With a no deposit bonus, the number of free spins is usually 10 to 30. With a deposit bonus, more free spins often wave – in this case even up to 100 and more. Play is usually with the smallest possible use. It should be noted here that the maximum win for Free Free Spins may be limited; further profits are simply retained. Profits from free spins usually count as bonus credits – accordingly they must be converted before the disbursement according to the turnover conditions.

Something freer is playing with a free real money bonus. This money bonus can be used at the slot machines, at roulette, blackjack etc. at will. Nevertheless, the bonus is linked to sales conditions. The operator is also free to give you instructions, with which bets you are allowed to play and how the bonus is to be used. Details can be found in the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions also govern which payout rules apply. For example, the amount of the payout may be capped. In any case, it is never wrong to study the bonus conditions in detail before you register with a provider. Even if all providers try to keep their information as up-to-date as possible, that simply can not be guaranteed. The terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and what is right today, may look different tomorrow. Of course you do not have to internalize the whole text wall – it is often enough to read the paragraphs about the bonus terms and payouts.

Vouchers and bonus codes

Anyone who finds a no deposit bonus on an online casino site can easily find it on their bonus account after registering and start the game. But on the internet there are also bonus codes and bonus vouchers that also promise you a free game. This is also a legal way for online casinos to acquire new players.

To do this, you must also first register with the Internet casino and then have the opportunity to enter the bonus code or coupon code in a special field – usually in the casino cashier. Once you have typed the code into the field provided, the bonus will be activated and you can start playing.

Sometimes you may receive a bonus voucher by post or in a newsletter that you can redeem and unlock free games with. Pay attention to the sender here and visit the site only if you are sure that it is a reputable casino and not spam or scam.

Furthermore, be careful not to accidentally enter the bonus code twice, as casinos may find this a violation of their ABGs and refuse to pay any winnings or even worse to block you at this online casino. If you read through the terms and conditions at a new casino, you are on the safe side and experience no nasty surprises.

“A gift horse does not look in your mouth,” is a well-known saying, but we prefer that some offers are too good to be true. So trust your common sense and make sure that the casino that buys for you as a customer is also reputable and secure. A reputable casino always has an imprint and terms and conditions on its website and refers to its gambling licenses. After all, they want to have a safe gaming experience and not get annoyed with green and blue afterwards.

NJ casinos with a no deposit bonus

If a player has the opportunity to play games for free and he can play for free with a no deposit casino bonus then that is a great incentive for anyone interested. The player is therefore more inclined to register with the online casino that gives him free money to play, as with another, in which he has to deposit first. And already the casino has achieved what it wanted: a player has registered who might not have registered without the bonus. If the player likes the site, he may also make one or more deposits and the online casino will have a new real money player who also contributes to the sales.

For you as a player, this marketing activity of an online casino only brings benefits. You can try all casinos that offer a no deposit bonus and no one will force you to deposit money. And if you do not like the casino, then just visit another one. In this way, you can try online casinos risk-free and for free and test their games.

The best new online casinos that offer a no deposit bonus can be found here at CasinoBonusNJ. The offered bonus can occur in different forms. Usually it’s a monetary amount, but sometimes your reward is also offered in the form of free spins.

Casino Bonus NJ offers you exclusive and attractive no-deposit bonus offers at many online casinos. Whether you are looking for interesting money bonuses or free spins, you will find it here. Read our reviews on each online casino and its bonus offers and get the best bargains for even more fun, after all, you have nothing to lose.

Which casino bonus types are there at casinos?

The number of internet casinos is huge. For online casinos to compete with their competitors, every new customer counts. To give players an incentive to register right here, the casinos will award a Welcome Bonus. This bonus can occur in different variants:

Bonus without deposit

A no deposit bonus is the best welcome offer from a casino because you can test games here without spending a penny.

Free spins without deposit

Many casinos give new players a certain number of free spins that can be used without deposit. Again, the player can try slots without paying anything for it.

Free spins with deposit

If a player registers with a casino and makes a minimum deposit, they can receive a Welcome Bonus that includes free spins. With these free spins, you can test slot machines for free and see if you like the games at this casino.

Deposit bonus plus free spins

You will often find this welcome bonus as it is one of the most popular. You sign up with an online casino, make a deposit and receive a welcome bonus. Mostly they give you 100% bonus which means you have the double bankroll to play. As a bonus, you still get free spins to test games for free.

Reload bonus

If Fortune was not yours or if you have already paid your winnings and want to make a deposit again, many online casinos will give you a reload bonus. This bonus may apply to one or more new deposits and vary in amount.

Cash Back

One of the most popular bonuses, but not too often awarded, is the cashback bonus. You will be refunded a percentage of your losses over a period of time.

Casino Bonus No Deposit FAQs

If you are looking for a no deposit bonus, you may have some questions about it. Below we answer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that will help you quickly and clarify many things in advance. If you have a question that we have not discussed here, then simply write an e-mail to the customer service of your casino, who will be happy to help you.

Can I use the money from a no deposit casino bonus right now?

If you register for an online casino that promises you a no deposit casino bonus, you will not be able to avoid signing up. If you like the casino and the no deposit bonus, then you should create an account with this casino. Do not forget to sign in to the casino through our links, as we always provide our players with the best bonus offers an online casino has to offer, and in some cases exclusive deals for you. The answer to your question is: You can use the bonus immediately after registration and login.

Can you use a no deposit casino bonus multiple times?

Resourceful game fans will also want to know if you can use an online casino bonus without deposit multiple times. If you have registered with an online casino and have received a no deposit casino bonus, then you can not receive another no deposit bonus at this particular casino. These special and very popular bonus offers are developing casinos to attract new players. In other words, as soon as you sign up, the casino has achieved its goal and already sent you a thank-you gift for your sign up, the no deposit casino bonus. However, if you make a real money deposit at this casino, you will receive a welcome bonus, usually a bonus that doubles your deposit. This gives you more money to play and thus a higher bankroll.

Returning to the question of whether you can use a no deposit casino bonus several times, we can say that this is possible if you register as a new player with another casino offering this type of bonus. Again, you should sign up through our link at the other online casino, which offers a no deposit casino bonus, and after signing up and signing in, you’ll have your bonus. Since there are countless online casinos on the net, of which not all, but some offer the casino bonus without deposit, you can tap in this way, several bonuses and get to know as many casinos. If you like one,

Why do online casinos offer free bonuses?

You may be wondering how it is possible for an online casino to offer a no deposit bonus. The casinos will not throw money out of the window? Do not worry, no online casino will go hungry because it gives no-deposit casino bonuses. This happens as part of marketing activities and is commonplace in many casinos. After all, there are countless online casinos on the net and they all vie for new players.

How can online casinos with a free bonus still make money?

An online casino always has an extra budget for marketing activities and that is a no deposit casino bonus. The casino advertises to new customers. Players who find on the internet a casino that boasts a no deposit bonus will enjoy using this offer as it means they can play without even spending a penny.

Imagine registering at a casino and playing with the no deposit bonus, and what you find on the site you like. The casino offers many and interesting games – slots, table games, bingo and more – always the most up to date titles with secure and quick payouts, excellent customer service and fair payout rates. In this casino you want to continue playing. So, what are you doing? You make your first real money deposit, get an attractive Welcome Bonus and keep playing. This time you have not had so much luck and decide to make another deposit as the casino is holding interesting moves and you just want to test the next game. The casino also gives you a bonus for this deposit,

And already the casino has a new player, who does not deposit only once, but twice or perhaps more often and becomes a regular customer. Thus, the casino earns money and has managed to win with a no deposit casino bonus a new customer who makes even real money deposits and remains loyal to the casino.

Can I withdraw a bonus without deposit?

If you play with a no deposit casino bonus in a casino and generate profits, you would certainly like to withdraw the earned plus. Of course, a casino can not refuse to pay you a prize, but if you have generated it with a no deposit bonus, the casino expects you to meet the applicable wagering requirements prior to payout. Because otherwise the awarding of a no deposit casino bonus would be a huge loss for online casinos, giving new players this special bonus. And even online casinos are not interested in losing money. Therefore, you expect the fulfillment of certain conditions before you can withdraw money.

Most likely, you are asked to make a deposit before you can begin the withdrawal process. That should not be a problem if you liked the games and you already won. Just keep playing on your favorite titles until you’ve met the wagering requirements and then apply for a payout.

What are sales terms?

A win condition is a factor that determines the number of times a player must spend the bonus before they can pay the winnings. So if you use a casino bonus without a deposit, wins it and wants to be paid off, you have to fulfill the sales condition first. These are usually explained in the terms and conditions of the online casino. If you find a casino that does not display terms and conditions on its website, please do not touch it. Choose a casino from our extensive list, because we only have reputable online casinos. So you can be sure that everything is safe and fair and you can also pay off your winnings.

When clearing the revenue requirements, you should keep in mind that the individual casino games can be rated differently. Slots usually contribute fully to sales, while other casino games such as table games, video poker or live casino games only contribute to a small extent or not at all. This is because these games are not pure games of chance in the strict sense and a good player could work out a strategy to increase his winnings and minimize his losses.

Here’s another example:
You will receive a no deposit bonus of $10 in an online casino. The wagering requirements at this casino are 35x the bonus amount, so you’ll need to spend $ 350 (10×35) at the casino.

For which games can I use my bonus without deposit?

If a casino grants you a no deposit bonus, it usually applies to a slot machine or a group of slot machines. The best part is that you read the requirements for the bonus and usually find the games that you can play for free with the casino bonus. Most of the time, you get a certain number of free spins for a given slot. It can also happen that you can find the free bonus money as a balance in your cash register and try out any game you want. However, this variant of the casino bonus is rarely given by online casinos.

Is there a time limit for a No Deposit Bonus?

If a casino gives you a bonus in the form of free spins, then you will usually find in the bonus requirements a time limit within which you can use your free spins. If you miss this timeframe, you are no longer eligible to use the free spins. During the period, you can decide yourself when to use your bonus games. But beware: Sometimes the free spins are only valid for a few hours or days, so always read in time, you do not want to miss the free bonus. The same of course applies to all other forms of a casino bonus without deposit.

We recommend that you always read the terms and conditions and bonus requirements before using a bonus offer. This is important because each casino has its own terms and you can not count on the same rules to apply to each bonus.

Is there an online casino welcome bonus with no deposit? Are there any further no deposit bonuses after that?

In some online casinos, players can enjoy a welcome bonus that does not require a deposit. However, there are also providers who attract with a deposit bonus and hope so players to win for themselves. If you have discovered a No Deposit Bonus that you want to use, registration in most cases is sufficient. After you have logged in for the first time, the bonus will automatically be credited to you. The bonus can be two things:

  • Free spins that can be redeemed at a specific slot machine or group of slots.
  • Money bonuses that can be used at will. The latter are rare and sought after.

After the first No Deposit Bonus is not to expect further free bonuses. Finally, the casino provider has achieved its goal: to win you as a player. However, in most cases, you can make use of a deposit bonus, which is particularly rewarding in the welcome offer. In addition, some providers regularly take actions that allow you to deftly manage a deposit:

  • Free games are awarded irregularly by some providers – just like that. Often, the free spins can only be available for a short time and become heavy.
  • If you play slot tournaments and achieve a good ranking, you will be attracted by attractive prizes.
  • Some online casinos have a cashback feature. If you end up with a minus at the end of a week, some of the losses will be offset – you get your money back.

Is there only a new customer the bonus without deposit?

Normally a no deposit bonus can only be made by new players. “New” are players who have never played at a particular provider. If you have created an account with this provider years ago, do not remember your password and create a new account, you are not a new customer. Often the terms and conditions limit the use of the No Deposit Bonus to one person per household. It is therefore not possible to register on behalf of the spouse.

Existing players who have missed the new player welcome offer usually have to start without a bonus. Your best alternative is a reload bonus. Some offers completely refrain from it, others wait regularly with Reload bonuses. The percentage bonus is less attractive than the welcome bonus, you always have to go for it. Apart from the reload bonus, it is also advisable to stop by again and again. From time to time existing customers can look forward to free spins – if you are lucky enough to be on your side you can save yourself the next deposit.

If there are no offers to pick in your favorite casino, browsing other casinos is not prohibited. No deposit bonuses are available from more than one vendor – the terms are very similar and differences are usually only apparent in detail.

Which games can I play with a no deposit casino bonus?

Most casinos award a no deposit casino bonus, which is valid for playing video slots. But if you want to enjoy another game with it, you should read the terms and conditions or bonus terms before you start. Here are the games listed that you can play with a no deposit casino bonus.

Can I also play scratch cards with a no deposit bonus?

There are online casinos where it is possible to play scratch cards with no deposit casino bonus – if the casino has them in their portfolio. Best of all, you read the terms and conditions on the casino website and convince yourself. If you find in the terms and conditions no indication that scratch cards are excluded from playing with the casino bonus without deposit, then you are free, this popular casino game to play with your free credit. Of course, you can also ask directly from the customer service of the casino, which is sure to give you a quick and happy information about it. Usually it should be possible, as the probabilities of scratch cards are similar to those of slots.

What is a welcome bonus?

When a player searches for a new online casino, he finds countless offers in the vast world of the internet. As each casino is bidding for new customers, you are offering players a welcome bonus as an incentive. This new customer bonus is given to the customer when making his deposit and is usually 100% of the deposit amount. In other words, if you deposit $50, the casino will give you another $50 to play. So you have $100 available. Depending on the casino, the bonus may also be higher. However, always read the bonus conditions, as paying a bonus is always conditional and you do not want to experience a rude awakening if you want to cash in on your winnings.

What is the RTP value?

On the website of an online casino you will find in the terms and conditions, among many other important information and the reference to the RTP of the existing games. The RTP value (“Return to Player”) indicates in percent the long-term profit probability of a game and is usually between 90 and 97%. If a game has an RTP value of 97%, it means that if you bet $100 you will win $97 in the long run. The remaining three Dollars are the house edge of the online casino.

Since gambling is strictly controlled these days, the RTP must be specified for each slot machine. This will let you know before the game whether or not the slot can give you a good payout, and you can choose one that has a higher RTP value.

Is there a no deposit casino bonus for the iPhone?

Most online casinos today offer a mobile app or a mobile version of their casino. You can surf the site with your smartphone or tablet, register, sign up, and play your favorite games.

Even on the mobile version, you can claim a welcome bonus when signing up or using certain mobile bonus offers. If the online casino has a No Deposit Bonus for its players, it is usually also available to players on mobile devices. So just unpack your iPhone or Android device while you’re on the go and enjoy playing on the go.

Why is it important to read the terms and conditions?

If you have chosen a casino, you should read the terms and conditions, in short terms, before you start the game. Many people are reluctant to read this mostly very long document. But if you register at a casino, you should know what conditions you agree with.

In the terms and conditions you will find information on security, the encryption of your personal information, what conditions apply to bonus offers, what conditions of payment the casino has or even which player accepts the casino from which countries. You also do not sign a contract without reading it, so you should play it safe when registering in an NJ online casino and read the terms and conditions.