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Whether you are an online casino novice or have been online for a long time, you know that a casino bonus is still the easiest way to get extra game capital. With a bonus you not only have more money for your favorite game, you also have the opportunity without obligation to try something new, for example, a table game that has always interested you. In general, there is no reason not to use bonuses to increase the fun.

There are several types of casino bonuses and once you know the difference, you can take full advantage of them.

Casinos with Bonuses

Last updated: 08 Aug 2020

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What types of casino bonuses are there?

The most widely used casino bonus is the one you find on the home page of a casino: the new player online casino bonus.

The welcome bonus is the first bonus that new players in a casino can claim. He usually takes the form of a bonus on deposit or comes as a package with free spins or bonuses on further deposits.

A welcome bonus or deposit bonus increases your deposit by a certain percentage up to a specified amount. If a casino offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to $100 and you pay $100, then you have a total of $200 to play. You get twice your original deposit.

Of course, a casino does not just give you money. In order for you to take the bonus money in the next step and have it transferred to your account, you must play with this money – sometimes even in certain games that the casino dictates to you.

The casino bonus comes in most cases with a sales term that must be met before you can order a payout.

When it comes to finding the best welcome bonus, more is not always more. Just because a casino promises you a lot of money does not necessarily mean it’s the best casino. Therefore, we always recommend that you read the terms and conditions of a casino and especially the bonus you are interested in. Some bonuses have low wagering requirements, but those that offer you a lot of bonus money often have very high wagering requirements and are therefore only partially worthwhile (or not at all) because you must meet the sales conditions before you can get your money.

In addition to the deposit bonus, there are other casino bonuses, including the following:

What is the difference between a casino bonus and a no deposit bonus?

In general, casino bonuses are either those with or without deposit, the former we have already explained above. There are important differences between these bonuses that you should know:

A deposit bonus will not take effect until you have deposited money, and your deposit must be at a rate previously set by the casino. A no deposit bonus, on the other hand, only requires you to log in to the casino. Those who are not interested in the whole bandwidth of a casino but only for a certain game can nowadays more often just try a demo, you do not even have to register.

Casino Bonuses: What exactly is behind free spins?

As you can see from the word free spins , these are rounds of slot machines that you do not have to pay for. For many casinos free spins are an integral part of the welcome offer and / or temporary, recurring promotions.

Free spins can also be part of a no deposit bonus, and then come under the name of no deposit free spins or no deposit free spins. Players usually get them for creating a casino account.

Of course, free spins can sometimes be worth more, sometimes less. Everyone is happy about free spins, but depending on which game you can use the free spins, the actual monetary value of a free spins game increases. If you get free spins for a machine with low odds, the joy is much more restrained. The offers we recommend are mostly a combination of free spins and a good percentage of bonus money. Casinos also use free spins to actively promote new or lesser-known slot machines.

Even in popular and well-known games, there are often free spins, so casino novices know what is hip. With most welcome offers, you get 20 free spins, but there are also offers with up to 200 free spins plus bonus money. Keep in mind that wagering requirements also apply to free spins and must be met before you can cash out your winnings.

Which is the better bonus? Free spins, or maybe free spins without deposit? The first impulse, of course, is to say that games that you do not have to pay anything for are always the better choice, but as explained, this also depends on the fine print of each casino. We like to repeat it: pay attention to the conditions of sales. The lower the sales conditions, the faster you get your money. There are also free spins without any wagering requirements, in which you can immediately keep what you have earned, but understandably these offers are rare.

Take a look at our list of bonuses, and find the best deals quickly and without much searching.

What are the different types of free game bonuses?

If you’re new to the world of online casino bonuses, let us help you get started and explain the differences between these bonuses.

Free spin bonuses

As mentioned above, these are the bonuses you receive as part of a package for your first deposit or multiple deposits. You receive these free spins for casino-defined slot machines.

Free spins without deposit

No deposit free spins are a relatively new trend in many casinos. Some casinos give away free spins to encourage prospects to sign up for an account and then make a deposit. Still, you do not have to pay anything to use your free spins, an account is the only thing necessary.

Whether you are playing free games with or without a deposit, the casino will most likely decide in which games you can use your free spins. Of course, we also found casinos that let players make that choice themselves, but that’s an incredibly rare case.

As mentioned several times, you should urgently keep track of the revenue conditions your bonus is linked to. Wagering requirements apply to all types of free spins, whether with or without deposit. These wagering requirements can range between 25x and 50x before you can get your winnings paid out.

There are also free spins without wagering requirements, more on that in the next section. If you are on the hunt for a good free spin offer, you can find several of them on our list of free spin bonuses.

Bonuses without wagering requirements

Small presents are known to be friends, so there is no reason not to be happy about bonuses without wagering requirements. Free wins without wagering allow you to retake your free spins without having to re-roll them or follow any other rules. Winnings from these free spins can be instantly paid to you.

The only “catch” that should be mentioned in terms of free spins with no wagering requirements is that most of the casinos they offer require a deposit before you receive your winnings, regardless of whether the winnings are in no-deposit or free spins In free spins without a sales condition was achieved – so casinos finally get some money back from you.

So if you’ve opened an account and did not have to pay anything else, you’ll need to make a deposit to get your winnings.

What is the difference between bonus money and free money?

The difference is easy to miss, not only because of the similarity of the two words. Bonus money is the money a casino uses to increase your deposit as a welcome bonus. Bonus money is linked to conditions: you have to meet wagering requirements, have to use the money to play and can not withdraw the money immediately.

Bonus money will only help you to win money that you can withdraw after fulfillment of the terms and conditions.

On the other hand, free money is real money that belongs to you right away. They will not get free money as part of an offer, but casinos give away money as part of promo promotions, award it to winners of tournaments, or allow you to withdraw cashback immediately.

Bonus money as part of casino bonuses

There are many ways to get casino bonuses. First and foremost, there is the Welcome Bonus that new players receive when they sign up and / or make their first deposit. A welcome bonus is the welcome gift of a casino to you and of course the way a casino tries to convince itself.

Even though a welcome bonus gives you a good idea of ​​what you can expect as a player from the casino as a whole, looking at the action page of a casino is also an important clue. On this page, you’ll see what a casino offers you after the welcome bonus has been used up, showing whether it’s worth keeping a casino for longer. The promotion page includes regular and time-limited deals like free spins, deposit bonuses and other great incentives to keep a casino loyal.

Now that you know what bonus money is all about, let’s turn to welcome packs next.

What are welcome packages in online casinos?

Since a welcome bonus is a bonus for which you must make a deposit, a welcome pack contains a whole range of bonuses. For a set number of deposits, you will also receive bonus money after the first time, usually up to five times.

Here is an example of such a welcome pack that you can find in many casinos:

First deposit: 100% up to $100

Second deposit: 90% bonus up to $100

Third deposit: 75% up to $100

Fourth deposit: 50% bonus up to $100

Fifth deposit: 50% up to $100

In this example, the complete Welcome Pack is worth an impressive $500, but of course that can be less, depending on how much you deposit. If you deposit $100, you will of course receive the full bonus that doubles your first deposit to $200.

Even though the next bonuses we perform are less generous, casinos often make up for it with regular and different member bonuses.

A bonus like the one described above is often called “reload bonus” in casinos and describes the payout of bonuses over a prolonged period.

Reload casino bonuses

The more bonus money a casino grants to players as part of a welcome package, the more the players will benefit, of course, especially if they want to stay at a casino in the long run. Meanwhile, the Reload Bonus is a common practice of many casinos.

Of course, reload bonuses are a bit lower compared to the first deposit bonus, but over a long period of time either bonus money will come together to play with.

What other casino bonuses are there?

In addition to deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free spins, players in many casinos still have cashback or loyalty points as part of VIP programs.

These two concepts work as follows:

Cashback: A cashback casino bonus pays you back a portion of the money you lost playing online. As a rule, the cashback bonus is around 10%. This 10% is either related to a specific period during which you played, for example, within a week, or within a particular game.

VIP Programs / Loyalty Points: Loyalty points are awarded as part of VIP programs offered by some casinos. You earn points either by playing or making deposits. It is very rare for casinos to offer Loyalty Points as part of the welcome package, but we have already seen that. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can trade them for different rewards, such as bonus money, free money, or free spins.

What is the best casino bonus?

Which one is the best bonus depends on your personal preference. A bonus that is guaranteed to be the best for everyone does not exist. We depend on the no deposit bonus as it allows these bonus players to try a non-binding casino.

If you choose to receive a bonus, you need to be aware of whether you want a bonus that you can use in any game, whether it’s a table game or a slot machine, a deposit bonus or a bonus, where you can use free spins for games set by a casino.

Free spins, on the other hand, are a great way to try out previously unknown games or to start with a lead in a popular classic. The only downside is that you can not choose the games where you use bonus rounds.


Online casinos are always coming up with new ways to get players excited about themselves. No matter if bonuses without deposit, welcome packages with a combination of free spins and bonus money or even cash – there is something for every player.

However, our usual cautionary note always applies: before joining a casino and using their personal information when opening an account, make sure that it is a trusted casino that has been thoroughly checked by a reputable licensing authority. If you find the casino here on CasinoBonus NJ, then we have already made sure for you that you can entrust the casino with their data and that it complies with all legal requirements.

Once you have informed yourself of everything that is important to you, read the terms and conditions carefully. Here’s how you can see what wagering conditions a bonus is subject to, and you can decide for yourself how likely you are to meet them and turn your bonus into real money that you can then cash out on.

Benefit from everything you’ve learned about bonuses on this page by using it to find a casino.