Baccarat Glossary: ​​The Complete Guide to the Baccarat Jargon

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Glossary of Baccarat terms

Baccarat :  The game Baccarat is played with 6 or 8 decks of cards. This table game is about placing either on the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand. The hand with the value 9 points wins.

Banco :  The bank or the dealer.

Bank : The hand that’s last at baccarat’s turn.

Banker Bet :  A bet on the dealer / banker.

Bankroll : The sum of the money you want to play in a session.

Burning :  The removal of the top 3 to 6 cards before the round begins.

Carte :  The request for another card to the dealer.

Chemin de Fer : A variant of the game Baccarat, also known as European Baccarat or European Baccarat. In this game, the player acts as a bank, he shares cards and takes bets.

Coup :  A baccarat round with the banker’s hand and the player’s hand.

Croupier : The dealer.

Deal : A card that a player receives during a round.

Dealer : An employee of the casino.

Down Card : A hidden card.

Face Cards : Jack, Queen or King in any color.

Fading : A term used in traditional casinos for placing bets.

Flat Bet : A player places the same bet several times in a row.

Highroller : A player who bets high.

Hole Card : A face down card.

House :  The Casino.

House Advantage: The advantage of the casino over the player in percent.

House rules : The rules of the game in a casino.

Lace : When a card is randomly placed in a card pile.

Le Grande :  A hand with 9 points.

Le Petite : A hand with 8 points.

Loss Bet :  A bet against the bank.

Natural :  A hand with 8 or 9 points.

Player Hand :  A hand is played against the dealer (bank).

Punto : A player.

Punto Banco : Another term for Baccarat.

Push : tie or draw. All bets go back.

Run : A side bet that gives the player the opportunity to bet on a series of hands.

Standoff : tie.

Tie Bet : When players and dealers have the same score and tie.

Upcard : A face up card.

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