An introduction to the poker variant Texas Hold’em

Most online poker sites are built around the different versions of Texas Hold’em. It definitely makes sense to read further and learn more about this classic card game variant.

What are the basics of Texas Hold’em?

Hold’em is about making the best possible hand with the cards in hand and the community cards in the middle of the table. Your cards are dealt face down, which means your opponents can not see them. The cards in the middle of the table “belong” to all players, that’s why they are called community cards.

The cards are dealt clockwise at the table. This is followed by betting rounds, which also take place in a clockwise direction. The cards are dealt in stages – there are four cards in total and one round of betting each. As you’ll see, betting on Hold’em is complex and how a player bets is at least as important as the cards he has.

How to play Texas Hold’em?

The game of Texas Hold’em starts with two players putting blinds . Blinds are relatively small, mandatory bets to ensure that money is in the pot, even if all players give up at the table. In each round, the players who need to place these bets change.

The game starts with the deal. Here, the hole cards are issued to each player. It follows a betting round.

After this introductory round, three community cards are placed on the table. These are also called flop .

After the flop comes another round of betting and the next community card on the table follows. In the jargon of poker, this card is called a turn .

The last community card , the River , will be issued after another round of betting. At this point, players must make the best possible five-card hand, their hole cards, and the community cards. Players now have to decide if they want to participate in the last round of betting. Then the game ends in two possible ways:

  • The first way to end the game is as a showdown. If there are enough players (two or more) who are still in the game and have bet, they will turn their hole cards to see who is the best Hand has. The winner gets all the chips that were placed during the betting rounds.
  • Alternatively, the game can also be won by a player who has bet or raised aggressively enough. This has then driven out all other players and brought to give up. This player then wins all previously placed chips. Most games in Hold’em end and the winner does not have to show his cards. This may require bluffing, but we will explain that in detail below.

What types of bets are there on Texas Hold’em?

Starting from the blinds – as already described above – you bet in a clockwise direction. There are four rounds of betting and your options depend on the state of the game when it’s your turn.

If you have not bet yet and there are no blinds on the table, you can check . A check means that you do not want to put money at the moment but you want to stay in the round. For example, you can check if you do not trust your hand properly and wait and see what the other players are doing.

If you are more confident – or want your teammates to think that – you can bet . If you have already been betted before, you have to pay at least this ante to stay with it. Likewise, once you’ve checked and then wagered, you’ll pay that amount to stick to it.

If you do not feel well at all, you may want to fold . You no longer place a bet and will not participate in this round. Of course, if you fold in later betting rounds and have already invested money in the pot, you will of course lose those bets already made. Giving up ensures that you do not lose too much money if you get bad cards.

If you decide to bet and have already been betting in the betting round, you can either:

  • Callen , which means you can match the previously bet amount or you can …
  • Raise, say raise the bet. Raisen means that you first adjust the bet you made and then add more. The other players, as well as the one who has previously bet, must adjust their raise if they wish to continue.

Other players can re-raise again, and then it’s up to you to re-adjust it. In most poker rooms, the number of raises in a round of betting is limited. But if there are only two players left in the game, the number of raises can be unlimited.

You can not only bet and win in Texas Hold’em with your cards. Increasing pressure and making other players believe that you have a strong, unbeatable hand is an important skill. This technique, known as bluffing , and mastering it (and knowing when other players do it) distinguishes the best players in the casino from the rest.

Finally, all we have to say is that bluffing tries to convince the other players that their own cards are better than they really are. The whole thing works the other way around too: you can try to convince the other players that you are less strong than they really are. In this way, you can get your opponents to bet more because they anticipate your pretended defeat. This “slow play” maximizes your cash gain when you have an extremely strong hand.

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